RD Coffee Airtight Coffee Container
RD Coffee Airtight Coffee Container
RD Coffee Airtight Coffee Container

RD Coffee Airtight Coffee Container

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This airtight storage container is the ideal way to ensure the freshness of your RD Coffee beans.

The stainless steel container sits 7 inches tall, 5 inches wide, and can hold 18 ounces, or 1.125 lbs of your favorite roast.

The canister is BPA free while also resisting staining and odor retention.

Its patented one-way valve lid expels CO2 from the container for a secure, airtight fit. Hand wash only.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Great Gift

Perfect gift for the RD fan who loves coffee (add a bag of Accelerate Coffee Roast to complete the gift).
Could be used for anything...coffee beans, loose leaf tea, rice, etc.
Really great quality, I am tempted to get one for myself after seeing it in person!

Awesome for storing your coffee!!!

Love the two lid system to get all the air out and seal in the flavor!!! And who doesn’t want a coffee storage system with the diesel throwing a whip!!!

Ultimate Vessel

Not only stylish, but very functional. Keeps my coffee Super fresh until it takes a few laps in my grinder. Great Purchase!!!

Stylish & Functional

I have a similar canister from Black Rifle Coffee Company but to me, this looks so much COOLER. the matte black finish over the stainless steel while having the logo & bike show really makes it look cool. It provides an airtight seal as well so when I put my whole bean coffee in there, I know it's going to last & not lose aroma.

Coffee Bean Storage is Critical

I heard about RD Coffee from the PulpMx show and went to the website. I am heavy on coffee beans currently but I saw this storage container with the cool logo so I ordered to store my decaf beans.
I will be ordering some of the RD coffee within 4 weeks to try out the product. I hand grind and use an AEROPRESS. This storage container looks great on the counter.
Mike from Michigan (Mi Mafia Rules). ex dist 14 B rider that trails rides now and adventure bikes and loves a great cup of coffee.