HOLESHOT Espresso Blend
RD Coffee - Holeshot Espresso Blend from Colombia and Guatemala

RD Coffee

HOLESHOT Espresso Blend

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HOLESHOT espresso blend, a mixture of Colombian and Guatemalan coffees, will be sure to help get you an early jump on the day. This versatile blend has notes of citrus, raisin and milk chocolate flavors, which bring it across the finish line with a clean and smooth taste. 

Brew Methods: Espresso, Drip, Pour Over, Cold Brew, French Press

Brew ratio - 2tbsp coffee : 8 ounces water

Processing Method: Washed

Customer Reviews

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Steph R
Flavorful and smooth

This coffee is more smooth than any other coffee I’ve tasted. It’s not a very dark roast as I’m used to Black Rifle coffee which is very dark. But flavor and quality of RD Coffee cannot be beat.

Dave Newsome (Fort Walton Beach, US)

I'm personally not a coffee drinker, so I buy it for my girlfriend. She won't shut up about how great all of the flavors are. RD's commitment to his coffee is why he was a multi time champion at the world's toughest sport.

D. Martin (McHenry, US)
Holeshot Dark Roast

The dark roast Holshot coffee isn’t very dark in appearance, but it is tasty and smooth to drink. I normally add milk or cream to my coffee and still do with this one, but I don’t really have too since this a smooth blend.

Marcos Munoz (San Diego, US)

Love to support someone following there passion and amazing coffee and first time I've seen a roast date put on the bag highly recommend it

John Anderson (Paramount, US)
Excellent Coffee

I always like to try different coffee and I was very pleased with the RD coffee. I will definitely order again. Great service and delivery was quick.
Thank You Again.