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From a young age I was taught what hard work, sacrifice, and dedication meant. That allowed me to leave home at fifteen to pursue my dream of becoming a professional motocross/supercross racer. Through eleven seasons, with many highs and lows, we were able to capture four National Supercross Championships along with three National Motocross Championships in the premiere 450 class. This afforded me the incredible opportunity to travel across the US and to many parts of the world. During all the travel, that is where I developed a passion for tasting all different varieties of coffee. After meeting my wife at a local restaurant over a cup of coffee, we always made a point to find a local coffee shop wherever we were in the world. Since retiring from racing in 2017, we now want to share our passion for specialty coffee.

 It is from this passion and experience that I have worked so diligently to source and process the unique specialties of RD Coffee. Applying my competitive nature with the same discipline needed for racing, I found the best sources of green coffee along with our own proprietary processing methods to create a great cup of coffee. After many years of developing my own process for small batch coffee, it is roasted to perfection. We look forward to sharing our coffee with you. Tell us about your next cup!

RD Coffee


Our Vision 

To become established in providing small batch coffee while always maintaining our integrity and quality as we grow and bring joy to our friends in the coffee community.

Our Mission

By building relationships and conducting business lead by our values, we want to deliver great tasting, high quality, specialty coffee, while helping to inspire others through their journey in life.