What Fuels Your Pursuit?

Pursuits. They’re what get us out of bed each day, ready to tackle whatever lies ahead. We all have our own pursuits. We’re parents. We’re athletes. We’re part of the workforce. We’re all individuals motivated to succeed in our own unique way.

I enjoyed a career built on passion and a commitment to my craft. I gave it my all every time I strapped on a helmet. To me, dedication and a strong work ethic provided a foundation to be successful, and I relied on my 20 years of experience aboard two wheels to make my next dream a reality - a coffee business.

All of our passions give us the drive to get the most out of each day, but we all need fuel to help us get there. RD Coffee is a brand built on the same core values and work ethic that allowed me to become a champion and now I’m able to put that passion into every bag. Life can be a grind, but RD Coffee wants to Fuel Your Pursuit and be a part of your journey, helping you get across the finish line.