RD Coffee Thanks You For One Year of Business

On June 1, 2020, Ryan Dungey took his longtime passion for coffee one step further with the introduction of RD Coffee. With a meticulous approach to sourcing the highest quality beans and developing the perfect roast for every origin, RD Coffee is committed to Fuel Your Pursuit and turn the morning coffee routine into one of the most enjoyable moments of the day. One year later, Ryan shared his appreciation for all the support of his budding coffee business.




Well, guys, I’m excited to say we have reached the one-year anniversary since the official launch of RD Coffee. A year ago, we started with just one roast and a vision to share our passion for coffee with you guys. Since then, we've grown our lineup to four roasts, introduced new packaging, created a subscription option and added merchandise products to our store. Being able to do stuff like this is only possible because of you all, and I’m pleased to say we’re only getting started! We are so thankful for your support, your loyalty and your love. We know you’ve got a lot of options to choose from out there, but we do very much appreciate you choosing RD Coffee and making us a part of your daily routine. We’re looking forward to another great year and showing you everything we’ve been working on behind the scenes.