Lindsay Dungey - RD Coffee Oat Milk Latte

RD Coffee Recipes: Oat Milk Latte with Brown Sugar

Looking for a great way to stay cool during these hot summer days? With the guidance of Lindsay Dungey, RD Coffee introduces a quick and easy recipe on how to make an Oat Milk Latte with brown sugar. Enjoy this delicious at-home beverage on any beautiful summer day.
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It's hot outside this time of year and as we all try to find ways to stay cool, one of the easiest and most effective ways is to drink a refreshing, cold beverage.

We sought guidance from one of RD Coffee’s greatest supporters, Lindsay Dungey, who shared a quick and easy recipe that will allow you to cool down while simultaneously providing you the energy to take on the day! 

Below are ingredients needed to make an Oat Milk Latte with brown sugar, along with a few easy steps on how to put it all together. 

A cup of Oat Milk Latte with brown sugar

Supplies Needed

  • Double espresso shot (RD Coffee REV roast or HOLESHOT blend)
  • Brown Sugar
  • Water
  • Oat Milk (Oatley Barista)
  • Ice cubes

Step 1: Make homemade brown sugar syrup

To begin, a brown sugar syrup needs to be made by mixing brown sugar and water. We’ll need 1 tablespoon per glass, but for reference, a ¼ cup of brown sugar and a ¼ of water makes about 3 tablespoons. Once that’s mixed together, heat in the pan until simmer and let cool. 

Step 2: Add Oat Milk and Double Espresso Shot

While the syrup is cooling down, pour yourself 1 cup of oat milk. Then, add a double espresso shot to the milk and mix that together.  

Step 3: Add the Brown Sugar Syrup and Ice Cubes

Now that the homemade brown sugar syrup has cooled, go ahead and add that to the cup, along with a few ice cubes to cool down this delicious beverage. Stir it up so all the ingredients blend together well.

Step 4: Enjoy your refreshing Oat Milk Latte with brown sugar

You’re done making your refreshing beverage! Now kick back and enjoy this delicious homemade drink while you enjoy these beautiful summer days with your loved ones. Continue to Fuel Your Pursuits! Cheers!

Lindsay Dungey with a cup of Oak Milk Latte