Moto Memories: The “RD” Logo

When I made the decision to start my own coffee company I knew that the name and aesthetic would be simple and straightforward. I was fortunate to have my own logo for the majority of my racing career, which helped establish my own brand and became easily recognizable to motocross fans. It was clear to me that the “RD” logo would serve as the cornerstone of RD Coffee, representing a natural extension into my post-racing endeavors.

RD Coffee logo on retail display sign

Much like RD Coffee, the logo that represents it also has its own story. In sports an individual athlete’s personal logo can be as influential as his or her accomplishments. A symbol of their contribution to the sport. From Michael Jordan’s “Jumpman” to Tiger Woods’ stacked “TW,” these logos become synonymous with everything an athlete does. 

While walking the Nike campus in the early part of my career, surrounded by so many of sport’s most iconic logos, I realized that having my own logo would be beneficial to developing my own brand. The prospect of this was exciting, especially since it had never really been done before in our sport. While rider logos have become the norm in recent years, 10 years ago they were few and far between.

Ryan Dungey takes flight over the rutted Daytona Supercross track
Photo: Simon Cudby

When it came to determining what my logo might end up looking like I ultimately knew that I didn’t want it to be directly associated with a number. At the time I had yet to earn a permanent number, and it just made sense to have something that could stand alone. I also knew I wanted something simple, yet impactful that would be easily identifiable, which narrowed it down to my initials. I found inspiration in the look and feel of Roger Federer’s logo. While I’m not necessarily a tennis fan, his logo was instantly memorable to me. It’s simple while also feeling high end.

Ryan's exclusive "RD" branded Oakley goggles

At the time, in 2008, I had just signed a full gear deal with One Industries. It was my first major deal as a pro and it was so exciting developing a relationship alongside a brand that had aspirations as big as I did. In one of our earliest meetings with the One Industries team I shared my ideas with Marc Blanchard, a co-founder of the brand and a legendary designer. If anyone could take all of my thoughts and make them a reality it was Marc. Within a day, the very first concept he presented to me is the logo you see today. He absolutely nailed it. And to make it even more memorable, Marc said it was my logo to have forever. It was one of the most significant moments of my entire professional career, one I’m always brought back to whenever I see the “RD” in use.

Renderings of what would become Ryan's personal motorhome

We’ve gotten a lot of mileage out of this logo, from the butt patch on my gear to my goggles and even the side of my motorhome. Now, it’s the symbol that represents my love of coffee. The element that brings together my passion with your support of this venture. It’s the purpose I always dreamed of my logo having, and I’m so happy that I have the opportunity to share it with each and every one of you.