Keep Your Coffee Beans at Peak Freshness with the RD Coffee Airtight Coffee Container

Brewing a flavorful cup of coffee starts with the quality of beans you use, but equally as essential is your method of storage. Even mild exposure to sunlight and oxygen can ruin the shelf life of your coffee and diminish its flavor. Basic storage methods like using paper bags, bag clips, placing your coffee on the counter or even in the freezer will leave your next cup tasting less than ideal. Like our RD Coffee Airtight Coffee Container, a proper storage container keeps your beans dry, away from exposure to light, and sealed airtight.  


RD Coffee Airtight Coffee Containers come equipped with a patented airtight, one-way valve lid design that expels CO2 from the container, making it the ideal option for maximizing the life of your beans. Our storage containers come dressed up in a sleek black stainless steel look on the outside, giving you a clean aesthetic that pairs well with the bold flavor profiles in our RD coffee roasts.

Our coffee containers also provide excellent odor control and are made using BPA free materials to eliminate the risk of any epoxy resins seeping into your beans over time. And, sitting at 7 inches tall and 5 inches wide, our stainless steel container can hold up to 18 ounces, or 1.125 lbs, of your favorite RD Coffee roast.

Why are coffee containers best?

Simply put, coffee containers and canisters are best for preserving coffee beans at peak freshness. If you want to brew a fresh cup of coffee consistently, you need to keep your beans from exposure to oxygen; otherwise your beans will oxidize and begin to lose the flavor and aroma you crave. Airtight sealed coffee containers help you avoid oxidation all together by pushing air out of the container and keeping your coffee away from light, moisture, and heat.


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