Jumpstart Your Day With HOLESHOT Espresso Blend

The quality of coffee beans has seen dramatic improvements over the years, entirely to the benefit of the consumer. Now, there are hundreds of specialty options to choose from, so when it came to developing our first espresso roast it was important to be diligent in selecting the right combination of beans to help coffee lovers conquer their mornings.

RD Coffee HOLESHOT Espresso blend

Our experienced team worked exceptionally hard sourcing beans from Central America and South America to create a harmonious blend for HOLESHOT Espresso, our latest addition to the RD Coffee lineup. As the name suggests, HOLESHOT is a bold roast with robust flavors to help anyone get a head start on their day.

Ryan preparing his HOLESHOT Espresso

HOLESHOT Espresso is the first blend in our growing lineup of flagship roasts, which means it maintains the same high-quality beans and complex flavors shared across all RD Coffees, but with an extra kick. This versatile espresso roast contains sustainably sourced beans from farms in Colombia and Guatemala, providing a flavorful profile with rich notes of citrus and milk chocolate with every sip. The result is an intense, smooth-tasting brew that keeps you going strong all day long. 

Who is HOLESHOT Espresso for?

HOLESHOT Espresso was made for the person who enjoys making the most out of their day, coming out of the gate strong right from the very start. Whether someone is an athlete, a business owner, a parent, or a student studying for exams, our robust espresso roast provides enough natural energy to help power through any daily tasks. 

RD Coffee HOLESHOT Espresso with the Breville machine

This perfectly balanced blend is also made for those who enjoy a rich, flavorful cup of coffee. That’s why HOLESHOT, like all other RD Coffee roasts, is only available in whole bean form. By using whole beans as opposed to pre-ground coffee we can ensure the freshest, most flavorful cup every time. Moreover, whole coffee can be ground down to fit any brewer’s designated grind size, or to anyone’s particular preference. That means more control over the coffee’s flavor, depending on the desired brew method.

Ready to Fuel Your Pursuit? Pick up a bag of HOLESHOT Espresso today!