CHARGED Becomes First Dark Roast in RD Coffee Lineup

CHARGED Becomes First Dark Roast in RD Coffee Lineup

RD Coffee introduces CHARGED, the company's first dark roast coffee. CHARGED features single-origin beans from the Huehuetenango region of Guatemala and has a well-balanced flavor emphasized by chocolate, with a subtle caramel nuttiness. RD Coffee's boldest roast will certainly Fuel Your Pursuit towards whatever motivates your personal journey.
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On the heels of the company’s first anniversary, RD Coffee, the specialty coffee company spearheaded by multi-time AMA Pro Motocross and AMA Supercross Champion Ryan Dungey, has introduced a new roast to its core lineup of offerings. In the spirit of digging a little deeper to get more out of ourselves, CHARGED features single-origin beans from the Huehuetenango region of Guatemala and is the first dark roast offered by the Minnesota-based company.

RD Coffee's dark roast coffee called Charged

The introduction of a dark roast signifies the natural progression of RD Coffee in its continued growth as a business, allowing the brand to diversify its product lineup even further. Moreover, providing a stronger, more aromatic and flavorful roast will help the brand cater to an audience that prefers a darker roast of coffee.

“We’ve been working towards this day for some time now,” explained Dungey. “While we initially focused on a series of roasts on the medium spectrum, providing offerings that would appeal to any palate, we always sought to develop a darker, more robust roast to help diversify the lineup and give it wider appeal. We did a lot of research to determine which origin would provide the best foundation to work from and believe Huehuetenango is an ideal option.

“As we developed this roast I found myself amazed with the versatility of this batch of Guatemalan beans,” continued Dungey. “Because they’re so dense the beans have the ability to stand up to higher temperatures, and in doing so they start to showcase even more depth in flavor. In general, these beans contain a higher level of acidity, but by extending the roasting process that acidity continued to dissipate and gave way to more dynamic and robust flavors.”

As the name suggests, CHARGED is the boldest roast in the RD Coffee lineup. The well-balanced flavor profile features tasting notes emphasized by chocolate, with a subtle caramel nuttiness. The heavier mouthfeel finishes off with a pleasant touch of sweetness.

“When I was racing I often found a need to get that little more out of myself. That ability to dig deep and push harder, whether I needed to get off to a fast start or finish strong” said Dungey. “That was the same kind of process we applied to the development of the dark roast, using that little extra in the roasting process to find more in the bean. CHARGED represents this extra strength that we all have in us, but keep in reserve for when we need it most. Dark roasts are known for the added kick in flavor and mouthfeel, and we think the name appropriately identifies that increased robustness.”

With a racing career defined by an unparalleled work ethic, a dedicated commitment to perfection, and a determination to always give it his all, Ryan has used those same characteristics to build the foundation for RD Coffee to serve those who followed his career and those who love coffee. Sourcing only the finest ingredients available, RD Coffee aims to “Fuel Your Pursuit” towards whatever motivates anyone’s personal journey.

RD Coffee's Charged coffee and an RD Coffee hat