RD Coffee ACCELERATE Roast with the Chemex

Experience the Smooth Flavors of RD Coffee’s ACCELERATE Single Origin Medium Roast

What makes ACCELERATE the company’s most popular roast? High-grade, Peruvian coffee beans from the Cajamarca region are the essence of this medium roast coffee and boasts a creamy toffee flavor and aroma. Learn more about ACCELERATE and the preferred brewing method for this smooth, distinctive medium roast.

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When we first began developing our established lineup of RD Coffee roasts, we knew we wanted to introduce a medium roast that stood out against the competition. While some medium roasts have bright, fruity notes, we set out to create one that carries a consistent, clean and smooth flavor profile. Our search to develop the world’s smoothest medium roast led us to the fields of Peru, and from those fields ACCELERATE was born.

ACCELERATE coffee with RD Coffee's 15 oz Black Travelers Mug

Featuring high-grade, Peruvian coffee beans from the Cajamarca region, ACCELERATE boasts a creamy toffee flavor and aroma. This medium roast coffee carries hints of nuts and a subtle splash of lemon, adding sweetness, richness and depth to its flavor profile. 

Every bag of ACCELERATE coffee is roasted using our small batch precision methods, guaranteeing each sip is full-bodied, consistent and smooth, with a touch of citrusy brightness. Although you can’t go wrong with any of our RD Coffee options, ACCELERATE has been our company’s most popular blend since the start. If you’re looking for a medium roast that packs more of a punch than a light roast but isn’t as full-bodied as a dark roast, look no further than our ACCELERATE medium roast to get the best of both ends of the spectrum. 

Preferred Brewing Method for ACCELERATE

ACCELERATE with Chemex coffeemaker

No cup of coffee will taste its best unless you get the brewing process right. To guarantee you’re getting the most flavor and caffeine out of your ACCELERATE beans, we recommend you use either the drip or pour-over methods when brewing. For our coffee friends that enjoy a big batch of brew and the convenience of a traditional coffee machine, the drip method will provide consistently flavorful and aromatic results. However, if you’re looking to bring out even more in the beans and want a little more control over the finished product for a more robust cup, the pour-over method, using a setup like a Chemex, would be the preferred option. Either way, you can’t go wrong when the quality of the roast is this exceptional.

RD Coffee Accelerate Bags

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